SEO Mentoring Services

Regular coaching sessions designed to train you or your team(s) in implementing a successful SEO strategy, recommended for the following scenarios:

  • Setup your SEO strategy from scratch (local or international)
  • Boost the organic visibility of your existing pages
  • Reduce your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

What's included

6 Coaching Sessions

  • - 1 hour per call
  • - Frequency based on your needs


EUR 2,100 (Tax-free)


How does the coaching take place?

Prior to every coaching session, you'll receive a questionnaire where you can share the actions you're undertaking. We'll then review these actions and devise an action plan to be executed before our next meeting.

Can this service be used to train a team?

Yes, it is possible without additional cost but on condition that only one topic is covered per session.

Areas Of Expertise

Functional Experience

SEO Benchmark

Assessment of competition and audience potential to develop a strategy

Technical Audit

Website health check to identify issues and a roadmap to resolve them

Search Intent Analysis

Identification of target audience search topics

Content Strategy

Creation of content plans aimed at developing high-quality content for target audiences

Page Optimization

Improve page visibility through on-page adjustments (meta tags, titles, internal links, site speed)


Compliance verification following the implementation of on-site optimizations


Maintaining and developing SEO performance during website migration or redesign phases


Setting up SEO monitoring and performance dashboard


Development of site awareness via media and social network strategies

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