SEO Outsourcing Services

Externalize your SEO missions to save time & money:



I will act as a Consultant in your SEO team

  • 100% understanding agency process and organization
  • Experience in project & client management
  • White label collaboration

Companies & Entrepreneurs

I will be your SEO Project Manager

  • From strategy to execution phases
  • Coodination with stakeholders
  • Report to management


Based on scope (Tax-free)


Do you accept replacement assignments (e.g. maternity leave)?

Yes of course!

Can you work with us on a long-term basis?

Depending on my availability, this type of collaboration is possible.

Can you travel onsite for meetings or specific events?

Absolutely. I can travel easily in Europe (EU) and China.

What is the average price of the SEO Outsourcing service?

It all depends the scope but it usually starts from EUR 600/month

Areas Of Expertise

Functional Experience

SEO Benchmark

Assessment of competition and audience potential to develop a strategy

Technical Audit

Website health check to identify issues and a roadmap to resolve them

Search Intent Analysis

Identification of target audience search topics

Content Strategy

Creation of content plans aimed at developing high-quality content for target audiences

Page Optimization

Improve page visibility through on-page adjustments (meta tags, titles, internal links, site speed)


Compliance verification following the implementation of on-site optimizations


Maintaining and developing SEO performance during website migration or redesign phases


Setting up SEO monitoring and performance dashboard


Development of site awareness via media and social network strategies

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